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Toniko Manning Brown Founded Little Beautiful Minds

November 30, 2015
Toniko Manning Brown has made a successful career for herself in the childcare industry. She has been a highly respected childcare professional for years because of her ability to deliver results. Her facilities are clean, forward-thinking, and well organized. This is why so many parents have brought each of their children to Little Beautiful Minds. In fact, Toniko Manning Brown has a number of families with whom every single child in the large family has gone through her care with Little Beautiful Minds. It is a testament to her resolve and to Little Beautiful Minds' commitment to excellence.

Toniko Manning Brown founded Little Beautiful Minds and currently serves as the facility's Executive Director. This essentially means she is charged with the day-to-day operations of the facility as well as the overarching themes and principles they adhere to. Toniko Manning Brown is pleased to be able to provide an atmosphere for the children under her care that is loving, safe, comfortable, and educational.

Little Beautiful Minds can now be found at 5959 Veterans Memorial Boulevard, in Metairie, Louisiana, a new location on the former site of a Celebration Station. This larger location allows for Little Beautiful Minds to provide plenty of space for their ever-growing group of charges and staff. Little Beautiful Minds carries its name because from an early stage Toniko Manning Brown recognized that she was playing a role in helping to shape the minds of those entrusted to her care.